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Tropical Leaves


We have established Himalchuli Nature Farmstay as a part of an Agro-Tourism initiative that strives to undertake responsible tourism in Chitwan District of Nepal. We offer agro-forestry ambience, cultural tours, responsible wildlife activities, historic hikes and wellbeing activities. 

Our Thematic Areas

We strive to operate in the following thematic areas: 

Natural Agriculture: We aim to grow our foods via the most sustainable methods available to us. We believe that every human beings have right to safe foods and we aspire to become a pioneer role model to help ensure such fundamental rights. 


Rural Tourism: We want our guests to have opportunity to reach rural Nepal and enjoy the beauty of rather unexplored villages of inner terai and become an actor of community development and transformation by spending their time with us and the community. 

Community: We aim to become a true practitioner of responsiible tourism. Fore more of what responsible tourism means to us, visit here

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