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Our Story

Himalchuli Nature Farmstay came out of two Founder's interest in sustainable agriculture and tourism, both of them born and having spent their childhood in Lamjung District of western Nepal. The farm was initially planned for Lamjung District, hence the name Himalchuli (A mountain visible from Lamjung) emerged. However due to Technical reasons, the farmstay's idea did not get materialized in Lamjung, instead Madi valley of southern Chitwan was found to be viable. However, the name Himalchuli persisted as the name translated to "Mountain-Top" in English which the founders felt did justice to Nepal's geographical identity. Later on several agriculutrists from Rampur Agriculture campus and other friends and colleagues joined hands together as investors to carry forward the noble idea.  


Our Values

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We abstain from using any inorganic fertilizer, pesticides, herbicide, fungicide in our farm. 


All our organic wastes are composted via different composting techniques. 


We aim to reduce carbon footprint on all our food production and services. 


We emphasize the use of renewable sources of Energy. Hydroelectricity and solar panels are our only sources of Electricity.


We are committed to reduce the usage of single use plastic in our Farm.


More than fifty percent of our employees are from local and marginalized ethnic  community. 

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We buy safe agricultural commodity from the local villagers directly. 

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We allow free entry to our agriculture demo-farm for our surrounding community members and support them to adopt natural agriculture techniques. . 


We coordinate with local government to provide hands on training to lead farmers on Natural Agriculture. 


We extend our support to promote cultural activities within the community. 

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