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Livestocks and Birds 


We have a small herd of goat including nanny goats, kids and bucks. With them a flock of chicken live closely and are busy foraging around. The site becomes vibrant and lively because of these livestock and guest can enjoy the view of them living in a harmony. The major purpose of livestock for us is to suppy Farmyard Manure (FYM) for our vegetable plots and fruit trees. 

Vegetables and fruits 


With a mixture of native and improved varieties along with some mix of wild varieties, our fruits and vegetables are resillient and suffer minimum pest attacks. Our organically grown fruits, vegetables and berries offer an unique taste and texture.  

Sustainable Soil Management 


We adopt a mix of traditional and scientific soil management techniques here in our farmstay. We rely on hot/cold compost, vermi compost, microorganism culture, diversification and management, carbon sequestration, farmyard manure production and application, sustainable water management and mulching to sustain our soil management. We abstain from using synthetic, pesticides are fertilizers. 



How can we forget our tiny pollinators, the planets savers? We have kept a few bee hives in our farmstay to support our pollination and production of a limited amount of honey. We ensure the cleanliness of hives, protect the hive from rough weather, support to minimize predator attacks like Hornets and protect the hive from ants/mite infestation. During the rainy season when flowes are scarce, we ensure that the bees are fed and do not face any food crisis. 

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